Kumamomoko 1st EP "Real Voice Specimen" Released!


2021/01/17 23:06


I've been waiting for a long time since the solo activity started, but I made a solo sound source!

It will be released in advance of mail order from February 5th! !!

It will be sold for 2,000 yen as a set with an original book that contains handwritten lyrics with photos taken by Kumamomoko and illustrations drawn.

And we will hold a release party in the following 2 days!

2/12 Koshigaya EASY GOINGS

2/26 Kashiwa DOMe

Kumamomoko 1st EP "Real Voice Specimen"

<Recorded songs>

1. The sun rises

2. Pests

3. Burning night road

4. Excuse

5. Inside the shell

6.mp4: 30